Company's structure :      
- Ahmed Moguib Youssef & Co. has been established since 1980 working in Graphic Arts, selling Machinery, Materials, Pulp and security solutions.














- Mr. Ahmed Moguib  started his career in 1953 in the printing business and he occupied the following positions:
  1953-1958 in Al-Kahira Newspaper as Printing Manager.
  b) 1958-1960 in Al-Taawon Printing and Publishing House as Printing Manager.
  c) 1960-1975 in National Printing and Publishing House -one of the biggest printing houses in Egypt at that time- as General Printing Manager.
  b) 1975-1980 as a partner in Technical Middle East Trading Company which was a commercial agency working in the field of Graphic Arts.
- Depending on his long experience in the Printing Business Field, Mr. Ahmed Moguib Youssef established a simple company owned by himself and his children as his partners.
- Such experience in the Printing Business Field has enabled him to understand the Graphic Arts Business perfectly.
- Mr. Youssef Moguib “President”, is working in the company since it has been established, and is specialized in the Electronic Imaging Technology, beside taking care of the other activities of the company.

Organization's chart:

Mr. Youssef Moguib : President

Sales Department:

Eng. Khader Al Saidi : Prepress Manager (Security)

Eng. Adel Guirgis : Senior Sales Press and Consumables

Eng.Ahmed Saber Mahgoub : Marketing Manager

Eng. Mostafa El Attar: Inkjet Marketing Manager

Eng. Ahmed Samir : Customer Service Manager (Digital Printing Department)

Mr. Gomaa Radwan: Sales Department

Mr. Mahmoud Amir: Sales Department

Mr. Fathy Mahmoud: Sales Department

Mr. Ismail Ahmed : Sales Department

Mr. Ayman Kamel: Sales Department

Mr. Tarek Osman: Sales Department

Mr. Ahmed Youssry: Sales Department


Marketing Department:

Mrs. Nada Moguib: Marketing Manager

Eng.Ahmed Saber Mahgoub : Marketing Manager

Eng. Mostafa El Attar: Inkjet Marketing Manager


Technical & Software Department:

Eng. Diaa El Shazli : Technical Department Manager

Eng. Ahmed Saber Mahgoub: Software Department Manager

Eng. Islam Mostafa: Service Engineer

Eng. Mohamed Rabea: Service Engineer

Eng. Hatem Sayed: Service Department

Eng. Khalil Mohamed: Service Department

Eng. Islam Mohamed: Service Engineer

Eng. Reda Said : Service Engineer

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud : Service Engineer


HR Department:

Mr. Islam Shawky Marhoumi : HR Dep.

Mr. Sami Edris: HR dep.


Mr. Abd el Aziz : Public Relations


Financial Department:

Mr. Hussein El Sayed: Financial Dep. Manager

Mr. Ihab Mohamed Tawfik: Financial Dep.

Mr. Sayed Hanafi: Financial Consultant

Mr. Khalil Ahmed: Financial Dep.

Mr. Hisham Hilal: Financial Dep.


Secretary Work Department:

Mrs. Laila El  Mawazini

Mrs. Rana Ahmed

Mrs. Amira Sayed


Office Services, Couriers & Stores: 15 Employees


¨         Foreign Companies that A.M.Y presents in the Egyptian Market:


Agfa - Belgium

Graphic arts film, plates, color separation system, Security System “Banknote”,Digital printing machines, and inkjet printing machines.

Xeikon - Belgium

Digital Printing Machines


Negative plates – and subscrate for indoor and outdoor

Wohlenberg - Germany

Guillotines for cutting paper

Hamada - Japan

Small Offset Printing MC/S

Maxson - USA

Machines for sheeting paper from rolls to sheets

Glunz& Jensen-Denmark

Film & plate processor


WIFAG –Swiss

Web offset printing machine.



Eurotech -Turkey

Out door wide format digital printing (Spectra Head / Solvent base).

Security Foiling  document security solutions providor, specialist manufacturers of MicroPOISE™ desktop security hologram application equipment.



Security Inks - U.K


BSS- Brand Security System

hidden image, security software - Germany



¨         Sales achievements:


Since we started our activities in the Egyptian market, we were representing many Principals such as: -


1.    AGFA:


   - Agfa Pre Press:


        We represent Agfa and we have the full range equipment and Materials, and we have the First CTP installation in Egypt and having a market share now of 60% in CTP equipments and having complete prepress systems on three of the four main newspapers establishment in Egypt. where also we have installations in Syria, Libya, Ghana, Tanzania , Yemen, Nigeria & Sudan

                   - Agfa Inkjet : 6 Anapurna UV and one 3348 JETi and one 5024 JETi 


                    Dotrix Graphics - Belgium (Security):


                  We delivered the first System for Banknote Security Design & Films

                     Reproduction to Central Bank of Egypt, Army Press, National Defense Council and Police Press.




                   3.    Xeikon – Belgium: We started representing Xeikon in 1996 and at that time we installed the first digital printing machine in the middle east  and Now 6 machines installed in Egypt.

           4.  - Inkjet Solvent : Eight 5 meter printers


            5. Hamada – Japan: We obtained their representation in our market since 1981.  Our engineers has been trained in Japan.  A large number of Hamada models are suitable for office machine requirements and yet, we have sold more than 40 units of their printing machines in our market.


              6Solna :   33 Commercial Printing Units sold in the market.



       7. Sudan and Ethiopia :   5 Galileo and 1 Xcalibar 


                                                                Agfa Film and Plates in both Ethiopia and Sudan



                8. SoftWare: With our long experience in dealing with Arabic software for page planning to serve our                                            installation of pre-press Systems, we have succeeded in co-operating with one of the leaders of Arabic                                software designers to create the new version of the Quark Express Arabic Extension to serve the Arabic                                speaking countries.  Our Sales of this software reached total of 250 Units only in the Egyptian Market                                    excluding the other Arab Countries.


9.    Crosfield – UK: We have been representing Crosfield in Egypt since 1982 until 1995 and we succeeded to have 60% of the Egyptian Market Share, Before they have been sold to Fugi. And installed the first CTP in the Middle East Celix 8000.



10.    Purup Eskofot: we started our business together on 1996 until 2000 and achieved the following sales:


2 DMX plate setters (Newspaper)

7 Magnaum Image Setters

2 Mercur Image Setters

4 Eskofot 2024S

4 Eskonet Systems.


11.    In the early beginning of our work, we were representing Miller Johannesburg for Sheet Fed Perfecting Printing Machines and we managed to sell 150 Printing Units to both Public and Private Sectors. But, when MAN Roland bought Miller, they took their decision to withdraw Miller’s name from the Market, we could not continue to sell Miller’s products.



12.    HARRIS Marinoni: We used to represent HARRIS and Sold 50 printing units in Egypt, before they have bought by Heidelberg.



13.    Shinohara – Japan: We obtained their Agency since 1988, when their name was Fuji, to sell their small Offset Printing machines.  Our mechanical engineers have been trained at their training facility in Turkey. Since then we have sold more than 20 of their machines.





A.M.Y. & Co. is proud of its organization, suppliers as well as its staff, as by these elements A.M.Y. has accomplished some considerable projects and installations with both public and private sectors in Egypt.